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Man's gun robbed outside gun store

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This guy can now go home, walk in the door and say "I've had the worst day ever!!".

"The two men approached him again, police said, and took the gun at the point of another. One of the suspects trained his own handgun on the victim as the other shoved the man and grabbed his gun."

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That's why NYC requires you to carry the gun in a locked box. This way the criminal has to burn off an additional 22 calories cutting off the lock. Those calories are composed of nicotine, transfats and sodium. This all falls in line with the Mayor's initiative to create healthier criminals.

Now, if we could only eliminate the Memphis Loophole ...
Perfect photos of them entering the store. They'll be caught by noon.

They'll be caught soon enough. CLEAR pics.
That is why you should carry a 2nd CW, every time I pick up another purchase from a FFL or gunshop I take another IWB firearm as a precaution and become extreme aware of my surrounding and people in them.  Fron FFL to HQ to put it on License.
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