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Man stopped burgler with cleaning supplies.

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An armed burglar was repelled by a 71-year-old man and his arsenal of seemingly-harmless household cleaning products in South Carolina. 'Morning Express' host Robin Meade chronicles the hilarious home-invasion story. "Phillip Graham says he was cleaning his kitchen Wednesday night, when a man with a gun walked through the back door," Robin reports. Re-enacting the incident, Graham explains, "He just stepped in the door and says 'Get down!' grabbed the first thing I could grab and started pokin' at him."

That thing just happened to be a Swiffer mop. "I went out the door with the Swiffer in one hand and the Dustbuster in the other, hollerin' at him," Graham recounts. Chuckling to herself, Robin explains that her Swiffer collapses, making it ill-suited for combat. "Deputies used search dogs to look for him but, scary that the suspect could not be found," Robin reports.

"hilarious home-invasion story" Are you kidding me!!!!!???
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Oh yeah... that's just FULL of giggles...

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Good thing he wasn't in the City,or Bloomie would start a concerned Mayors' group to license mops and brooms.  I can hear him now on the tube:  "The indiscriminate use of cleaning implements is a troubling trend that all progressive thinkers agree must be regulated."
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