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Man Robs Hotel By Using Hot Coffee

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Well, I guess they'll want coffee control laws now...


Police: Man Robs Hotel By Using Hot Coffee

ARLINGTON, Va. (CBSDC) - Arlington County authorities say a local hotel was robbed after the thief threw hot coffee at the front desk clerk.

Police told the Washington Post that after dousing the Arlington Best Western employee in the scalding liquid, he proceeded to steal cash from the drawer behind the counter.

The perpetrator ultimately took $450 and a cell phone.

The man robbed the hotel just before 10 p.m. on Tuesday night, before he drove off in a white sedan.

The Post is reporting that the suspect was described as black, weighing around 170 pounds and wearing a black hat, glasses, black athletic jacket, white athletic shorts and white shoes.

Police dogs and a U.S. Park Police helicopter were used in an attempt to find the thief. However, authorities were unsuccessful.
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Hope the employee is ok.
What a tool. I bet the hotel employee wasn't even going to put up a fight either. He would have handed him the money and that would be that.
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