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Man carrying umbrella brings SWAT team

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Cool umbrella.
Interesting that the calls to LE were reports of a man with a rifle.

"SWAT teams dressed in body armour descended on the centre, in Massachusetts, after receiving reports a man was walking around with a rifle in his backpack.
But the suspected deadly weapon turned out to be nothing more harmful than an umbrella, which the innocent culprit, who works at a local hospital, stored in a 'sling-like' case.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1378735/Gunman-sparked-shopping-mall-evacuation-actually-carrying-umbrella.html#ixzz1K3BrEycd
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That's it! We need a scary umbrella ban!
Wow people can't even tell the difference between a gun and a samurai sword now.
Wow... Remember that time when I said that we overuse SWAT teams wayyy to much? It was an understatement.

These teams were thought of with drug lords and mafia bosses in mind... Now they use them for anything from low life meth heads to umbrella owners. I am very pro-police, but SWAT team usage needs to be seriously re-evaluated.
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