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Man blows up snow bank - that's a revocation

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Massachusetts police seize another man's guns, this time for using gunpowder to blow up snowbanks he didn't want to shovel

Oh great. we can all get back to shoveling now.

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Fool :: shakes head :: Everybody knows you use a flame thrower to MELT the snow banks  8)
Play stupids games, win stupid prizes. I guess he forgot he was in the state that went full retard over some LED Aqua Teen Hunger Force signs.
CaptainMitchell said:
Fool :: shakes head :: Everybody knows you use a flame thrower to MELT the snow banks 8)
I don't know about a flame thrower, but I've never had much luck using a roofing torch. It just melts and then refreezes and then refuses to melt again. I was pretty surprised. Flame might be too directed.
It's a sad state of affairs when good ol' American ingenuity is punished  :) (written facitiously)
Well, I don't see the harm in blowing up snow banks, but building bombs for any purpose is quite illegal. I'm sure if he had devised some compressed air cannon device to blow up snow banks it would be fine, but if he went and made pipe bombs to stick in the snow, well, the law is the law. You can't build pipe bombs strictly for fun, and you can't build bombs strictly for blowing snow banks.
I've ramming the piles of white crap with my ford. Very effective, fun too!
Bridge said:
I've ramming the piles of white crap with my ford. Very effective, fun too!
I have a neighbor who tried plowing through what the plow left at the end of the driveway. It was either last year of the year before.
Anyway - air bag went off.
Now he shovels.
What are air bags? Yesterday when the plows left a 2 foot + wall of ice chunks in front of the driveway, I just drove right through it in the Wagoneer. Of course afterwards I had to shovel it anyway since nothing else could get through it. I'd really rather just have a big attached garage and Wagoneers for everybody, so I wouldn't have to shovel all winter.
Poor choice on his part. I have no problem with his arrest. Last thing I need is some dumb neighbor blowing out the windows on the block because he was tanked enough to figure,"Hell I'll just blow up the snowbank." Anyone who figures that it was a good idea has to back of the Guinness.
There's something else going on here.  .  .  He lived in what (from Google Earth anyway) appears to be a nice suburb.  His stuff is still there, but he's living in a rooming house now.  .  .
Last nite pushing my car out of my driveway (with wife driving) I completely snapped the tendon holding my bicep to my elbow.  Very painful.  Needs to be surgically repaired. Very painful.  Should have used an explosive instead!  Did I mention very painful?  
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