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I own a Savage model 99CD Series A chambered in 243. win mag. I can't seem to find a magazine online for it, seeing as they are all out of stock. I spoke to a cheaper than dirt representative and they said that a savage axis/edge magazine in 243 win mag. would work for my rifle as well. Would that be true? The magazine is pictured here:


If it wouldn't work can someone tell me where i can find another magazine that works?
The Savage Axis (or anything other than a mag fort a model 99c) will not work. These mags used to bring about $50. , that time is now gone. .243 and .308 will work. A Model 99 C in .243? Nice rifle. I have one in .308 Win, as well as a few other calibers

Thank you so much, I'm going to check them out. Does my series A make any difference in having the magazine fit?
No it doesn't
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