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Luckiest cop

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Scary s---t! You can see how fast the cops training kicks in. He puts rounds on target instantly.
Most cops will make thousands of stops like that in their career and never encounter anything like that. But you have to assume with every stop "this guy has a weapon and he plans to kill me".

"Everyone stay in the car, turn off the vehicle and keep your hands where I can see 'em until I tell you otherwise."
The perps gun (revolver) misfired. He died from a gunshot wound to his back. The officer fired fourteen shots with six hitting the vehicle including the one that killed the driver.
Very lucky LEO. Talk about a life changing experience!!!!
1 for the good guys.
PS. the dash cam saved him from the lawyers too.
That easily could have been a video of an officers death it the preps weapon would have fired on the first "click".Much rather watch this version.
He should play Lotto.
Wow that was an amazing video, I had to replay it a few times to really capture everything that went on. That officer was very lucky. It can't be easy to respond as well as he did after having something that scary happen to you that fast.
excellent reaction on the cops part. Thank God nothing happened to him
HOLY :censored!

Glad the officer did'nt get hurt and can go home to his family. Thank you officer for ridding the world of that scum.
Looks like his first move at seeing the gun was to step back and whack the gun with his flashlight while shouting "s**t!", I think that would have been my exact response too, lol. Whacking the gun must have jarred the cylinder out of lock or something to make it not fire. He fumbled a bit drawing his weapon though, I think it's a bit too much to quickly get a handgun out of a leather holster with traditional retention when under stress and ducking and moving, but either way he got it out in time to stop the shooter. Scary experience for sure.
Officer goes home safe and alive
Dead bad guy

Looks like a win-win situation.

God bless and stay safe...
Stuff happens really fast. Glad the cop went home to his family that night.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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