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Lot (3) Cigar Promotional Hats

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All proceeds go to the fund.

Three promotional cigar brand hats. All were given away at the introduction of these brands at certain events and to the best of my knowledge are no longer in production. I don't care for hats with the metal clasp back so these all have never been worn. Fresh out of the box. The Sopranos hat alone goes in the neighborhood of $23+ on ebay.

Starting bid: $30.

Bidding ends this Friday at 8:00 PM EST

Come on people. Hep Stevie out with the cost of maintaining LIF that we all use and get some cool lids to protect our collectively balding heads from the sun. ;)
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How much is the annual fee to the Bob Torre Fan Club? lol
IVFLO said:

How much is the annual fee to the Bob Torre Fan Club? lol
...and can we use Paypal??? lol
details will be following on the official Bob Torre fan club.  up to that point let's get this bidding rolling.   :)
no bids?  come on people i'm hurt.   :p
a little over an hour and no bids?  i've got some serious egg on my face here.  come on someone help the robfather and the fund out at the same time and get three slick brand new hats.  hey if nothing else sell them on ebay for more than you donated here.   ;)
Ok as this didn't fly the first time, and upon the advice of two fine members, we'll break this auction into thirds and run it for one week with a closing time this friday night at 8pm.

each hat will have an initial opening bid of $10. please specify which hat you're bidding on please.

argh.  I'm dying here.  First $10 Donation to the fund takes a hat.  Your pick.  $15 donation takes two.  $20 takes all three.   :-/
anytime you want to Ebay anything I am a powerseller (better rankings and deals) and you have my number.

these are some great hats - saw them in person and they are real nice, the photos dont do justice.

Thanks for the offer Isaac but I want to do something for the fund.  All monis go to lif.  
The Robfather said:
Thanks for the offer Isaac but I want to do something for the fund. All monis go to lif.
it still could but sell on Ebay = I would just take give you the money it sells for and you can donate it.
let's bump this up here.  $10 a hat.  please specify which one you want.  never worn.  brand new.  slick and cool.  all proceeds go to the fund.  
bump for the fund
NorthForkSportsman said:
No Hat People.
I can't wear hats,not by choice,my heads too big :-/
make a $30 donation.  pickup some slick hats.
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