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Longbow Scope Package

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Hey Guys,
Looking to put a scope package on my Stag Model 3 I just purchased. This is my first AR so I am totally new at this.
I have been doing much looking and reading and have no clue what to get. I keep on going back to this longbow
package that billybonds from this form put me on to. I really like what it offers and i know that Burris makes quality products.
I am putting a link for you guys to check out and give me some feedback on it. Thanks again for all the help with
all the questions I ask and look forward to meeting some of you guys at the range.

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Field of view seems ok for bench, but  not for anything else.
What do you recommend?
Better minds than me out there, but unless you are punching bullseyes at 200+ yards, not that. Most guys have 16" carbines and run 1x optics.
geerod said:
Any help?
search "combo" and you will find a thread I recently started on the subject. Few guys who run that type of setup chimed in, and I think GhostHunter posted some pics too.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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