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Long Range Tactical Scope

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I'm in the market for a new long range tactical scope. I'm trying to keep it under $600. I was just curious to see what scopes you guys are using and see if you can recommend a quality scope in that price range? I was looking at the Barska SWAT and the Millett TRS, opinions and suggestions would be great.
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I would aviod Barska scopes if you are looking for a high quality long range scope. When you increase magnification, you also increase distortion. Bad glass becomes more obvious as you multiply power.

Millett may be a better choice. Just how much power are you looking for?? At what distance do you intend to shoot?
What caliber?
My first choice would be Burris Black Diamond series of scopes. Next, I would check out IOR. You may want to check out eBay, as Bing/Microsoft Cash back is offering 12% off "Buy It Now" option.
A while back I bought a 10x42 Super Sniper from SWFA.com. I paid $300 for it. Mil dot reticle, 30mm tube, a tremendous amount of elevation and windage, excellent repeatability, and the optics are excellent.
A few of my shooting buddies bought them and they are all very happy with the scope.
There is a complete write up at the swfa page, In my book you can't find a better low priced tactical scope.

CDNN (http://www.cdnninvestments.com/) has some nice Leupold scopes in that range.
Yeah, a friend told me about the SWFA SS Scope. This is a scope i would definitely like to get. Do you know where i can get one of these locally or online? I can't seem to find them on any website, just a bunch of info on the scopes.
Nevermind to my last reply, i found them on the companys website that makes them...duhh. Usually on the manufacturers websites they don't actually sell the product, but this one they do.
I originally was going to by the super sniper scope but they were out of stock and they couldn't even give me a ballpark wait time so I cancelled my order with them. I bought instead a millett TRS 10x50mm green illuminated reticle w/ the side focus. It is an excellent scope for the money and would highly recommend it. Here is a link to it. http://www.midwayusa.com/viewProduct/?productnumber=341927
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