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Lightning Review: Lone Wolf Dist. Prototype Glock Magazine Tool

Posted 20 hours
by Nathan S. with 16 Comments

My biggest complaint about Glocks (outside of the lack of ambi-anything) is disassembling the magazines for routine maintenance and cleaning. The tab system holding on the floor plates are the two single most aggravating pieces of plastic in the my history with firearms. Normally, I break out a set of large vice grips and use towels to ensure I do not damage the magazines.

Lone Wolf Distributors has prototyped an incredibly novel solution to the the problem. Disguised as machined chuck of aluminum,Lone Wolf has created a clever disassembly tool compatible with all Glock models including the new .380 G42. The block has specifically placed holes that align to punch the floor plate and shelves to slide off the base plate. A separate punch or Glock Disassembly Tool is required for operation. The video below shows the conops best: Note: Video is slient.

It looks really easy in the video, but it does take some strength on new magazines.I tested it with G17/19, G22/G23, G41, and G42 magazines. It worked flawlessly. All the shelves were the right height for the given calibers and facilitated removal without issue.

My only complaint and simultaneous suggestion would be the addition of a built-in recess to stow the disassembly tool or some sort of attachment point to keep the two together. The tool and base were constantly separated in my shooting bag requiring me to hunt for one or the other.
Bottom line? For Glock users who take apart their magazines on a regular basis, the tool makes a world of difference. Compatible with all current magazine sizes including the new G42, the Lone Wolf tool is time and finger-saver.

Lone Wolf is forecasting a $15-20 MSRP. Their first limited-run will be available on their website soon.
Would I spend money on one? Lone Wolf was kind enough to let me keep the prototype, otherwise I would have bought one on the spot.
**Note, all pictures are of Lone Wolf's prototype. Color, material, packaging, or labeling may change prior to full commercial release.
- See more at: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2014/06/30/lightning-review-lone-wolf-dist-prototype-glock-magazine-tool/#sthash.nBdOYWZb.dpuf

Team Infidel
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I just stick the armorer's tool in the hole and pry hard with a quick yank. They pop right off. No issues or damage so far.
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