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The purpose of the LIF/community is to openly share and enjoy the website, learn and educate both yourself and others.

Members gain discounts from local shops etc. With over 7 new members on average signing up daily and 2 million monthly website hits along with all the community outreach LIF does it surely is doing the right thing.

Local stores help the community by offering discounts, take ad space, and many other great things. After all, local stores keep our local economy going. There's nothing like a brick and mortar..

After reviewing logs and records, it has come to our attention that some 'dirty' talk is going on. Please don't log in from your store, signup with various usernames and/or use/borrow active members usernames and talk bad about other LOCAL stores/ranges. You know who you are, just stop doing it.

We will be removing all the negitive posts you posted about these stores AND your shameless plug praising your store. (Thanks for wasting our time.)

To Members: Please do not contact LIF staff requesting what store it was.
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