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Littleton home of former Arapahoe County Sheriff

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All I can think of, who did this guy piss off?
Why didn't they just wait 5 minutes so they could report stoned ex LEO does anal?

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Wow, I'll bet that flash-bang grenade ruined the moment.   ;D
It's just....really? So the guy had gay porn , which AFAIK is legal, and some (presumably legal) guns, seems they just make an issue out of reporting whatever kind of BS they can try to artouse ther prurient interests of theoir readers with.

Some of the stuff is so bizarre (like the Super in Rye that was sodomizing the tenant's dog) that it's shocking, but this to me is pretty much just a foray into defaming the guy.
He was turned in by a woman scorned.
He was a cop trading meth for sex.  It is one thing to buy sex for money.  
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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