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leupold warranty not what it was??

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I always thought(evidently wrongly so) that leupolds warranty was basically a no questions asked, no fault coverage.,meaning if I drove over my rifle, the scope would be covered......I just sent them a vx2 with a good "ding" in the bell...I wouldn't of bothered if I knew they were charging 60 bux to fix it...Any thoughts on this??
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I dont know of any optic warranty that covers other than function failure, exclusions always apply.

The website at Leupold depending on your model, specifically references function failure.
Check out Sightron scopes, amazing warranty and service. Covered a cracked objective after a drop, and I even mentioned in the letter what happened. Was hoping for a repair bill, and it was fixed for free.

Also Meopta customer service is amazing, though I have not needed any warranty work. It helps that the warranty center is on LI.

IOR Valdada 10x showed some dust on the internal surface of the ocular after several months of use, sent them a picture of it. They said to send them the scope, and I had it back in a week.

Havent been a fan of Leupold for years, as I dont feel the product or their service for the price is what it once was. But that is just me and my opinion.
I like Bushnell. I have sent them 50 year old scopes that look like they had been found in a cave. Including one with a tube that was bent like it had been wrapped around a tree. Replaced with brand new, current model scopes.
All warrantees have suffered as of late. Years ago, I called Cabelas and asked about recommending a company to resole a pair of Kangaroo leather bird hunting boots with very worn out soles. The rep I spoke to suggested I send the boots back and they'd forward the boots to a reputable shop who'd give me an estimate. Cabelas then, just sent me a new pair of boots. I really didn't expect that, but that kind of customer service caused me to make Cabelas my only source for quality outdoor gear.

Today, their customer service isn't amywhere near what it used to be. I ordered a scope from them and it arrived damaged. Rather than take it back and fight with UPS and the manufacturer, they told me to send it back to Nikon myself.
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