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There is more lead in the water pipes than could every be found in nature.

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You're spot on, with that one. Lead is what was used,, on lots of the old pipes, to seal the seams, where two met. Some very old pipes, especially, in NYC and other large cities, are constructed of or lined with lead.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, for you guys….. all of Long Island is blanketed with lead piping…. Forget “ old and some cities”

ALL of our water mains in roadways , as well as individual service lines ( in the past ) were installed as lead. As water mains break and are repaired, that leadpiping is removed and replaced with cast or ductile piping. Of course, new construction is done with cast or copper or even plastic.
My son works for a heavy construction company , that does this water main work.
He brings me 100s of lbs of lead pipe at a clip, that they just removed… and this is all local, here on Long Island.
Brother firemen , that also work for my local water district, save the removed lead pipe for me, as well.
If you can’t remember your road, being ripped up, and extensive underground work being done, in the last 50 years… you got lead pipe main, feeding your neighborhood. If you have an older home, and have not had water service work… you prolly have a lead pipe service. Look at the sweeping pipe, that enters your home. The part that comes in has a union half on it, and it may connect to threaded piping, that hits your meter. Yes, it gets the same green patina that copper can get… but scratch it, with a nail or screw… is it silver or copper, under there. In the pic, down there, those are from services.
This is my lead source, for casting bullets, sinkers , jigs….
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