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My neighbor just sent his Kimber and a Glock to North Carolina because he can't get anyone local to do what he wants done to em. So I've asked nearly every shop I can get a number for and it seems nobody will work on pistols locally. Long gun smithing even seems to be few and far between, and most shops just farm the work out to someone else anyway.
I've even met 2 "certified" gunsmiths recently at Mitchell Field. They have the certification that says they can do pistol work, but both said they only work on rifles, and only mostly minor work. Couldn't get them to really elaborate as to why no pistols other than they are a "hassle".
Is it the county/state rules that are the problem? Is there not enough work to go around? I've been trying to find some clear cut answers on the NY state and Nassau websites. No luck finding the actual rules (aside from needing a state license).
Between my neighbor and I we have the funds to buy the equipment, and open a shop. But finding a qualified smith to head the place up seems to be near impossible.
Don't get this confused. We don't want to open a gun store or sell guns, just have the ability to do work for Long Islanders without having to ship things out of state. Hell, we may even make a profit.

Are there any qualified or certified gunsmiths on this forum that would like to bounce the idea around?

PM me and we can talk.

I'm nearing retirement, and have to find something to keep me busy. The wife won't want me around the house during the day (she probably wouldn't mind me skipping a few nights as well).
Aside from some online courses, there's not much one can do to become a gunsmith around here it seems
Speaking of which. Does anybody have any thoughts on the AGI certification?

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I agree it is very differcult to find a good gunsmith on Long Island. I have a few long guns that need to be serviced. My thought is that gunsmiths are now "gun shy" because the liability involved with repairing guns. The insurance needed to be carried must be very expensive in of itself. Then there are the lawsuits and the scrutiny of our government. Gunsmiths are hated because they fix damaged weapons which in the public's eyes we, the people, should never have.

In other states, gunsmiths are plentiful. Down south, they are every where. I may be sending my rifles down south. If you find someone who is willing to work let us all know. I honestly haven't found anyone who would do the work my rifles need.

The problem is that it is a lost trade around here because it is almost impossible to make money.

The was (is?) a gunsmith named Pat who has worked at just about every store at some point. He was with Neil at the original ON Target, T&T in NHP, saw him a Coliseum at least one time, Alpine in Brooklyn in the past.

He is an excellent smith, especially on Colt revolvers.

He once timed a Detective Special for me (very common problem). I was there and saw him do it and test fire it, took way more than an hour.

Of course if the shop charged any more than $50 NOW forget years ago, we would be screaming bloody murder - HEY, the dang gun is only worth $200 or whatever.

But the gunsmith himself has to get paid, get benefits, the shop has to make money and pay overhead and insurance.

So if you are a well known custom shop like Austin Behlert or whatever, you command big prices and make money. For the local store it is more of a service than a money maker, due to the amount of time involved in even simple repairs and mods.

Remember, when a cops or self defense firearm goes out the door, it has to work first time every time. It takes a lot of effort to get there.
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