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La Rue

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Just received my new La Rue mount today. What a well made American product. They also threw in some free extras. +1 to La Rue.
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I have there cantilever mount on my aimpoint and its very sturdy. Well made!
JackThat said:
the dillo dust is delicious! ;D
Man do I wish they sold that stuff separately. I'm still trying to figure out the secret, lol. For now, it's an excuse to buy more Larue ;D
Here's the almost finished product . . now I just am waiting on the eotech g33  8)
Just got confirmation my order shipped 2 sets of low quick disconnects, lt-104s in 30mm and 1" and a small reflex mount. I love LaRue. More dillo dust and beverAge tools.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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