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Kydex holster questions?

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Well, not really ... sort of ...

I brought a real nice holster for my 3" 1911, but when I twist my body to get in and out of the truck, everything flexes and clicks off the safety. I sent the holster back once to be stiffened and reinforced, but it came back exactly the same. After repeated attempts to contact the seller with no luck, I tried to cut out the back of the holster where the safety brushed against it. But now, my love handles fill the space and do exactly what I had hoped to avoid.

Now I want to glue a small piece of kydex against the back of the holster and see if that helps.

So ... anyone know what I need to do to prep kydex for my project, and where I can buy some ??
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How about just replacing the ambidextrous safety?
If you notice, I'm a lefty.

But a right handed shooter might have similar issues with a right handed holster.

And the current safety clicks crisply.
How about getting a new kydex holster from Raven Concealment, or from Cross Breed Holsters. Problem will be solved.
Knifekits.com is where I purchase all my kydex from.

ETA: What size piece do you need? I'm all out at the moment on big pieces but I have a bunch of scrap pieces that might work.
I probably only need a piece 2 inches square for my experiment.

If you have any laying around, let me know.
Yes I definitely have a couple of pieces that size, PM me your address.
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