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Konus scopes?

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If I can't swing the cost of a Leupold for a while I may get a Konus. The one I want has a 30mm tube and a 44 mm objective. I have a 50mm bell on mine now so I won't have to change mounts. They have good illumination and a bubble level. What about mounting? Is it worth all the trouble to get a perfectly level horizontal crosshair setup?

Ray from Bloombergia
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What range were you planning on hunting from? Most shots in NY are at less than 75 yards.
For hunting you can easily use a lower magnification scope for a wider field of view. 3-9x40 seems to be a standard for hunting scopes.
Can I ask why you are stuck on a 30mm tube? I perfectly level crosshair isnt really worth my time, can you hold the rifle perfectly level? didnt think so...
I got used to a bubble level on my old Sharps Long Range Express and I like it. I have only one rifle and in this economy it has to do double duty. Normally I'd stick with a good straight 4x for deer. Since it has to double on ground squirrels and chucks at longer ranges (over 200 yards) I wanted a greater max power. I have also noticed that 30mm scopes seem a tad brighter. I already have 30mm. mounts and no desire to buy new mounts which for the Sako average over $80 a set.

have a konus spotting scope,, for the money cant beet it
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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