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Killed by a canon.

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Another sad "Hey Bubba! Hold my beer and watch this!" incident.
tonythelip said:
Anyone know where I can buy a cannon?
I don't mean to make light of the subject but why am I not surprised... LMAO ;D
tonythelip said:
Anyone know where I can buy a cannon?
Try this
What's so unusual? He was cleaning his canon and it just "went off".
kids these days.....don't point your cannons at any home you do not wish to demolish.
Was it preban?
.............. no need to squeeze out another on this one .
Macrostamping would have led cops to the killer sooner.

How big was the cannon? Usually the homemade variety is only like 50 cal, is this what we are talking about or was she shelled with a 12 pounder?

Kinda hard for me to picture ths as an accident, but I have never got hammered and loaded a canon in the trailer park either.
Killed by Johan Pachelbel??
Somehow I think we will be seeing this on "1000 Ways To Die" in the upcoming season. They will have an endless supply of cannon fodder for their show.
I always say, cannons are dangerous. They need microstamping.
Dumb...Dumb...Dumb!   What is wrong with the stupid people in this country.
Hey, they should try this on MYTHBUST.  .  .  Oh, sorry.
helmup said:
Killed by Johan Pachelbel??
and here I thought Bach did the house in...
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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