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Jindal: Trump 'looks like he's got a squirrel sitting on his head'

Oh oh. Bobby boy is going to pay for that one. Like maybe no cabinet appt. in the TRUMP administration. When you go after The Donald's hair, there will be blood on the floor. Call him an "egomaniac" or a "narcissist" and TRUMP will barely notice, but dis his hair and your in long-term trouble.

Gesture Grey squirrel Fawn Fox squirrel Rodent

Donald Trump On Bobby Jindal's Attacks: Who?
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump responded on Thursday to attacks from Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal by suggesting he'd hardly even heard of his GOP rival.

Jindal has consistently ranked at the bottom of the polls, and the GOP frontrunner was happy to point that out, according to a tweet by Bloomberg politics managing editor Mark Halperin.


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