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Jewelrey Store: 4 robberys, 5 dead

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That what I call "GUN CONTROL"
Great story, I'm very happy he stood up and defended him self. It is sad he had to close down his store and work in a smaller fashion.
Wile watching this i did have a overwhelming erg to here him say some cheesy line from a 80 action film. Like ( its bullet time) or something stupid like that. lol
BKILEY6940 said:
my vote for nra president
There, fixed that.
"I decided not to be a victim"
I saw this years ago and never forgot it. This man has a good head on his shoulders.
To Me this video showed yet another classic example of the (local) Govt's. PATHETIC FAILURE to protect it's citizens from the trash that is free to roam the streets. All involved had "Lenthy criminal records" (no doubt involving gunplay).------- Sure, (luckily) the Guy lives to tell His story. But looses His business and a normal lifestyle to gangbangers running neighborhoods like His.----------------- I'd be willing to bet that Whoever moved into His shop, be it a music store or an Ice cream parlor was hit within 6 mos. of opening.
5 dead dirt bags got what they deserved. Great job done by a man who decided not to be a victim.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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