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Iraq vet and taco vendor stop thief cold

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In New York, the guy would have gotten away with the goods I suspect.

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Oh boy - I forgot about this mornings copyright thread - oops
Technically, would not the Vet be in violation of gun license rules here in NY. No one's life was in danger. I believe physical force would be OK but "deadly" physical force would be a no no, correct?
Just thinking.
"Ian Vaquero, in whose front yard the chase ended, didn't know what to make of the wrestling match. So the Iraq war vet sorted things out the Miami way, drawing his 9mm Smith & Wesson and telling everyone to freeze. ['Okay, who's the taco vendor here? You are? Okay, you're cool. You may now commence with the beating of the protoplasm out of the worthless ass-maggot.]"

Donchya be messin' with no taco vendors.
Great story all around ....... made my day. :) Why do the bad guys so often have three names. Maybe a LEO can explain some three name minimum procedural requirement for making collars?
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