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Insight MRDS Mount

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I just received an Insight MRDS minus the mount.  I want to put it on my 10 year old daughters M4 but I'm looking for suggestions regarding a good mount.  Also does anyone have the MRDS and what do you think about it.
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First, f'ing awesome that your daughter has her own M4!

Never even seen one up close. I did find a thread at M4Carbine.net about mounting it though....

Thanks, she also has a Marlin 60SS and M1 Carbine. My 17 year old son has a M4, AMD65 and Mossberg 500, my 15 year old daughter has a M4 and Highpoint 995TS and my 13 year old son has a M4 and Henry Lever 22.  After reading the thread I think I'm going to try the KZ mount.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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