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Indiana Home Invasion 911 Call

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i was going through Jewish Orthodox websites related to gun rights, odd as that may seem, to prepare for a conversation this Sabbath with a liberal democrat and came upon the site for the Gun Rabbi. He had the following utube video of a 911 call from a woman facing a home invasion from a stalker clearly seeking to do her harm. The rabbi presented it as a question for should you own a gun.

It was chilling and effective. If you haven't seen or shared it, I believe you will.

Perhaps it is time to create a separate forum specifically related to references and videos for Counter-2A-terrorism. As a retired Army PsyOps General explained to me one afternoon, the non-shooting preparatory war is won by truly gaining hearts and minds in terms and thoughts that compel the enemies consent. (my summary)
If I embed this wrong, I apologize. I see icons for photos but not videos.

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I am pretty sure. Brady bunch won't be advertising this.
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