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Incident at California High School

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Just read it was a gun in a backpack that went off.
There should be a law against 10th graders bringing guns to school.
Gun went off when he dropped his knapsack on the ground.Two students hit from the single gun shot ,one with a head injury the other student a neck.This must be gang related.
CJ said:
There should be a law against 10th graders bringing guns to school.
I see what you did there... ;)
Bet it was one of those Evil Glocks

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I heard the school has a lot of gang problems ... ALthough I thought California had metal detectors in their at risk schools ....
Probably one of those porcelain Glock 7s that slipped through the school metal detector. I hear they cost more than you make in a month.
Definatley wasnt a Glock this time......Gun went off when he dropped his knapsack on the ground....Glocks don't do that.
CJ said:
There should be a law against 10th graders bringing guns to school.
Well, thankfully, we have Congresswoman McCarthy. I'm sure that between her second and third martini, she'll be drafting legislation forcing all students to carry their illegal guns in a padded backpack so it won't go off.

And Congressman King who, as we speak, is drafting legislation to restrict the dropping of backpacks within 1000 feet of a politician.
Sounds like BS. even though alot of todays gangsters are using old guns with tape on the handles instead of wood, and sometimes not even loaded with the correct ammunition, i still find it highly unlikely that it just "went off" when he dropped his book bag. Maybe he was playing with it or showing it off, maybe he intentionally fired it. Either way, he and his parents need to have some kind of accountability for this action of at the very least- negligence.
I hope that girl pulls through.
"We don't know exactly what happened," Pasquariello said. "Traditionally, guns don't go off without someone's finger on the trigger."

So what happened with the Suffolk esu cop then when his gun went off in his holster?
Havent read the link yet but id bet it was an old beat up revolver
Kid was showing the gun and took off the safety and had an accidental discharge.BTW students said he brought the gun before to school for protection because of gang violence.
He stuffed it in a backpack.... along with what? books, paper, pens/pencils.... and who knows what else that could have easily gotten into the trigger....

Old enough to know better, prosecute him.
The kid is my age, old enough to know right from wrong, he better not get off w/o charges and jail time.
I bet the kid was rummaging through his bookbag and knew that he accidentally set it off. It obviously stunned him since he ran away and said he was sorry. I think his reaction would have been more disbelief than anything else if he just dropped his bag and it went off. He might have even though it was someone else that did the shooting. But he instantly knew (according to the story) that it was his gun.
He needs to be charged for possion of the gun and at least be held with a negligence culpability for the assault on the 2 people he shot, if not a reckless one.
Bringing a loaded firearm into a classroom is reckless, irresponsible and unforgiveable. Make an example out of him.
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