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"IMR Legendary Powders has issued a recall on six lots of 4007 SSC. These lots were sold in
both 1-pound and 8-pound containers. If you have any IMR 4007 SSC check the label on the
container immediately to determine if your powder is from the affected lots.

Lot numbers affected by the recall are 10130139, 10131139, 10429139, 10430139, 80425139 and
80426139. "Use of this product from these lot numbers shown on the enclosed label may result
in spontaneous combustion, fire damage or possible serious injury," IMR said in the announcement.
This recall affects customers across North America including the U.S. and Canada."

Read more: http://www.guns.com/2015/09/03/imr-recalling-select-lots-of-loading-powder/
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