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Illegal gets prison for gun violation in Texas

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Immigrant gets prison for gun violation in Texas


Associated Press

An illegal immigrant from Mexico arrested over a stolen lawn mower must serve 15 months in prison for having a firearm.

Prosecutors in East Texas say 38-year-old Juan Solis-Gutierrez, who was living in Marshall, was arrested in July 2008 for theft of a riding lawn mower.

A search of his truck turned up a loaded pistol and more ammunition.

Solis-Gutierrez in September pleaded guilty to being an illegal immigrant in possession of a firearm. A federal judge in Marshall on Wednesday sentenced Solis-Gutierrez, who since he was illegally in America could not own or possess a firearm.

Further details on the original theft case were not immediately released.

My questions are ;
1) Will he be deported after serving his time?
2) If you are here illegally (therefore a criminal) how can you buy and register a truck or have a driver's license?
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In some states (I don't know for sure about Texas) the plates stay with the vehicle. So they just never bother to transfer the paperwork after they buy it.

3 square meals.

I hope it doesnt catch on..
Federal charges???...... so he goes to a country club?
since yesterdays illegal alien thread is locked... i just couldnt resist sharing this with all who care...

ALBANY - Citing his strident opposition to illegal immigration, minority lawmakers yesterday vowed to derail Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy's bid for governor.

Seven Assembly members, including Philip Ramos (D-Brentwood), said they planned a statewide publicity campaign against Levy and boycott of his political contributors.

Four of the lawmakers, all Hispanic, wouldn't rule out bottling up Suffolk legislation, as happened with a sales tax authorization in 2007. At the time, Democrat Levy opposed efforts to open a hiring hall for day laborers and backed measures to prevent them from gathering in large numbers on streets to seek work.

"We will travel throughout New York State to expose Steve Levy's record of intolerance," said Ramos, who Levy tried to defeat last year. "We will not allow Steve Levy to become governor."

Levy shot back that the "overwhelming majority" of state residents, including Hispanics, are against illegal immigration, as is President Barack Obama.

Levy also accused the lawmakers of violating state ethics rules by threatening to block his contributors from doing business with the state. He said he plans to file a complaint with the state Public Integrity Commission and to ask the Assembly to censure Ramos and others.

Also opposing Levy Wednesday were Assemb. Jose Peralta (D-Queens), Grace Meng (D-Queens) and Adam Clayton Powell IV (D-Manhattan).
Meng said, "his lack of respect and empathy for fellow Americans (W T F ??? THEY ARE NOT AMERICANS!!!) will not bring New York forward but rather backwards."

Levy, speaking in the Capitol, criticized Meng and others for failing to close this year's $3.2-billion budget deficit. "These guys have to get thrown out. . . . These are the guys whose ineptitude has brought us to the brink of bankruptcy."

The anti-Levy campaign, launched Tuesday by Assemb. Peter Rivera (D-Bronx), plans to publish a list of Levy backers and hold events across the state highlighting what it says is his insensitivity toward minorities. Rivera recalled Levy's attempt to have Suffolk police enforce federal immigration laws.


here we go again...
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carnivorous said:
since yesterdays illegal alien thread is locked... i just couldnt resist sharing this with all who care...
It didnt get locked. It was moved to the Members Only Area.
good, they got him. Now deport the sob
if they deport him , he will be back
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