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Hydraulic Shop Press invaluable tool for DIYer

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JEGS 12-Ton Hydraulic Shop Press they have a price match button and will price match any price delivered. Click on it enter Harbor Freight and price of 99.99 (or try 50 bucks if you want).

Shipping and handling is only 12.99.
Its about the same price as HF but there is no need to schlep this thing into a truck and home (and sneak into the garage so the wife doesnt see new tools coming in).

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theres a harbor freight store now in centereach. build tools galore. if you currently have a 12 ton, for $40 they have a 20 ton bottle jack, in case you ever need to upgrade
I fell asleep on the couch for only 10 minutes but i was dreaming of pressing out barrel stubs and pressing rivets, I think I need help.
Follow up...

Ordered this online and had to call then fax Jegs a copy of the HF circular with the 20% off super coupon before they matched the price.
Total cost $103.00 delivered, not too bad!

2 boxes arrived via Fed Ex totalling 70 lbs. about 3-4 days later.

They were torn up like they'd been through the dryer but everything "seemed" to be there.

Today, I unpacked everything and glanced at the diagram. There was 1 piece missing, a peg that supports the bed, right now I am using a long 1/2 inch allen wrench. On Monday I'll contact Jegs and see if they'll replace it. I doubt it as I should have followed up with claim almost a month ago. Live and learn.

Anyway, tossed instructions, assembly was intuitive.

1/2 hour later I pressed out a barrel from a trunnion without any special holding jig. No Boing pop or anything it slid out like a 4th child :)
Woo Hoo!
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