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bagman said:
Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to relay a story to all of you about an experience that I had this week with Mark, and Hunter Sports! As a sales rep myself, it has been (and always will be) about customer service! It's always great to be treated well when you are in a store dropping thousands of dollars on "stuff"......the real test though, comes when/if you have a problem and then, what will the store do to help you out and make good on the item you just bought that "has the problem". I am not going to go into all the details here because it really doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is the outcome. Here's the short version!

I bought a Rock River AR-15. It is a great gun and well thought of in the mid-price range for an AR-15. My luck, I got a bad one, A REAL BAD ONE! Anyway, I don't think that I got 5 rounds through it and realized that I have a serious problem. I put the gun in the case and headed directly back to Mark, at Hunter Sports. Mark and Jimmy were able to replicate the problems immediately and even faster than realizing that there was a problem......Mark said to me, I will fix it, give you a new one or you can get a different gun, WHATEVER YOU WANT! Well Mark did just that! I wanted no part of this gun and he completely understood. I ended up getting a Benelli MR1 instead and I was given a full (and gracious) credit for the RR AR. Mark made a believer out of me that there are still businessmen out there that understand what customer service is and how to keep a customer happy and coming back, for life! He did the right thing, did it with class, was gracious, honest and showed me that he cared!

Thank you Mark,

I believe most gun shops would do the right thing if a problem happens.I bought a AMT Back-up years ago from Merrick Sportsman where Mark worked at.The owner Jimmy was a stand up guy and allowed me to return the AMT and get another handgun no problem.Make a customer happy,Jimmy was a great businessman and knew how to make a customer happy.
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