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(warning the following contains sarcasm.)

We all know that no right is absolute. Even a leftist will tell you that you can't just yell out "fire", in a crowded theater. Indeed a valid point with which no reasonable person could disagree. Across our nation, federal, state, and local governments are focused on the controversial Second Amendment, which claims that people have an "individual right to keep and bear arms" and furthermore that this right "shall not be infringed."

We must keep in mind that back then, arms were muskets, that would fire a lead ball, provided that the flint successfully lit the gunpowder. Then it would take a couple of minutes to reload the musket before it could fire again. Today's firearms, such as the evil assault weapons, can hold and fire 30 to 50 rounds of ammunition in just a few seconds. The socialist-educated elite correctly point out that "surely our Founders never could have conceived of such a weapon when drafting this "supposed individual right to bear arms." Again, this is indeed a point on which most people will have to agree, especially given the fact that the Bill of Rights was handwritten over two centuries ago, on a piece of parchment paper that would doubtfully pass the authenticity of a notary public.

The brilliant minds of intellectuals, do give us little plebes occasion to pause and think about such issues, that most of our little pedestrian brains, are unable to fully grasp. So with reluctance, but in the hope of feigning the semblance of a pointy head, I decided to progressively apply the same reasoning to our First Amendment.

When the Founders, wrote the Bill of Rights some 223 years ago and self-decreed to us, the right to "free speech", the reality was that people only spoke one on one, to family members, a few friends at a time, or perhaps at most, to a large assembly of a couple hundred religious white fanatics in a town square during an exciting slave auction.

When we discuss "free speech" we should heed to the reality, that our Founders never could have imagined 'free speech' today. A country, where personal thoughts and opinions are casually broadcast over a 50,000 watt radio station, or even having a potentially crazed individual like a "Rush Limbaugh" having the the power to single-handedly disseminate in an unrelenting stream of consciousness, subversively provocative statements, using the full capacity of high powered television and radio networks.
Indeed it is one thing to express yourself candidly to your GLBT life partner, but quite another, to be able to carelessly blurt out harmful, offensive comments, at will.

As we instinctively understand that shouting "fire" in a crowded theater of a 100 people is not permissible, then surely it goes to reason, that our Founders never intended, individuals to communicate "freely" using powerful long distance cell phones, or CB radios with anyone, at will, anywhere in the country.

It is inarguable that the framers of the Constitution never mentioned or imagined the concepts of 'free speech' to extend to empowering an individual without any background check whatsoever or government licensing, to be able to freely opine some potential blasphemy to thousands of unsuspecting mothers and children, through the use of Twitter, Facebook, or texting.

Governor Andrew Cuomo wisely said, "You don't need 10 bullets to kill a deer" and likewise you don't need a high-capacity 500 channel television set to watch C-Span, nor do you need a 64 gigabyte iphone, to talk with your next door neighbor!

While not evil in themselves, these mass communication devices, must be strictly controlled, licensed and regulated. Consequently anything beyond a blow horn, only belongs in the hands of experienced government officials.

Well educated people will come to clearly understand, that by their very nature and virtue, Governments, need to govern. The government has an obligation and self-appointed duty to reach the masses, to keep them assured and well informed, in order to help them passively follow regulations and mandates.
Indeed these timeless concepts of compliance and sacrifice are the pillars of what the Founding Fathers intended for us all, when drafting our Constitution. Our richly diverse Rainbow Society makes us all one people united by our Government, for the Greater Good.

So next time your hear someone boast about their "First Amendment rights", you should immediately report them, as they need to understand that "free speech" clearly "ends at your neighbors door."

Jacques Ditte

[background=rgb(238, 236, 210)]"It is true that liberty is precious - so precious that it must be rationed." - Vladimir Lenin[/background]
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