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Home Made AK47 Press Adapter and Jig

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I was motivated by my bud LIF member Akrico to make an AK47 shop press adapter for my 12 ton Harbor Freight press and front trunnion jig in order that I could remove the barrel retaining pin on my AK project.  I looked online to buy them but $100 was just ridiculous. Thanks brother for pushing me.
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interesting. can u post plans?

theres a harborfreight un centereach btw, pick up a 20 ton bottle jack for 40 and replace the 12
Fantastic! I haven't assembled my press because I didnt want to spend the bucks for the jigs yet, this is a great idea. I was figuring out a way to get a chuck adapted for different diameters pins but this is so inexpensive it isn't necessary to do that.

The ram on my press is 1 inch. Checking the specs of schedule 40, 1 inch nominal has an inside diameter of 1.05 inches and should work fine if the ram specs are at 1 inch or less. I haven't un boxed it yet so I am guessing here...

1 1/4 id is 1.38" and although may be a loose fit, will work once the screw is tightened if 1" should be too tight.

I am running to Home Depot to get the piping and screws this AM! I am thinking of a way of magnetizing the endcap to hold the pin while applying pressure. Any ideas?

If I remember to take pics I 'll post.
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I used 1 inch pipe and cap.  I cut a hole in the cap to accommodate the pin that I made out of an old beat up screwdriver.  One was short to start moving the barrel pin and the second was long enough to push the barrel pin out of the trunnion.  To keep the adapter from failing off of the shop press ram I threaded and installed a thumb screw.  I put an old magnet that I removed from an old stereo speaker inside of the cap to hold the pin in place.  Worked like a charm and just remember to remove the barrel pin from the left side and install from the right (99% of the time).
1" works beautifully, I have to drill and tap it tomorrow and find a magnet for the cap. Excellent work and thanks for the tips.
Anytime brother and here is my 11 year old daughters finished AK47 that I helped her build.  Thanks "The Robfather" for the stock, she loves it but she wants the plastic front handguards instead of the wood so that she can either put a bipod, tactical light or vertical grip on it.
Thought I'd post a few pics. Its an easy project if youve got tools and some skills. Drill tap screw took, 5 minutes total. sorry I drilled the endcap but still looking for a manget and an old screwdriver :(

Total cost: 4.98

1x3 galvanized nipple 1.97
1" galvanized cap 2.37
1- 1/4-20x1 hex bolt .24
1 old screwdriver .00
NYS/NASSAU vig .40
Looking good.
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