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Holo sight for Ruger MKII pistol

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I'm thinking of putting a holographic sight on my Ruger mkII pistol to use for 22 steel matches and such. I don't know anything about them other than I saw saw guys with them on their rugers at the last Freeport steel match. Any info and suggestions would be appreciated. But I also don't want to be spending $400 on a sight either. Something in the $200 or less range. Also what stores locally would be best to go to for this; SSS, Campsite, etc?
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Does anyone have any info?
How about fifty bucks?

I have one that changes from red to green, three brightness levels and four thumb-switchable reticles.

It's made by AIM Sports, model RT4-03.

I have it insatalled on my MkIII- It's the best darn thing you have ever seen. Dirt cheap.

Now, if you rally want to spend $400 on an Eotech, I'm not gonna stop you. But I don't throw my target gun on the ground and crawl through mud with it, so this unit works great for me.

Let me know if you want pics, I can post.

edi>> found some pics in my "GunSafe" software.

If youy want to check it out in person, I'm about 5 minutes from Campsite. These are available from numerous internet places and eBay for about $50. And yeah, I know I need to trim that rail down now!
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I've seen one that is much lower profile. Does the pistol have to be drill and tapped for mount base? Where can I find this- store, online?
i woudn't buy retail, the markup on these cheaper sites is insane.

I'd recommend the following:
primary arms micro dot

bushnell holosight AA will last decades - not a toy.
But hard to find for a good price though.
For a pistol the 200$ N battery version fits your bill though:
the holosight will be a bit bulky but Jerry doesn't seem to mind:

you're aiming and FOV will be amazing with the holosight.
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I have only seen the low profile one with a little loupe window. I don't mind the higher profile because it gives a really nice window well clear of the front sight and I am not such a good shooter that the parallax is an issue-except maybe at really close ranges. A 1/2" difference between 25 yards and 15 yards exceeds my personal ability to steady the gun, but the bigger window makes life a lot easier for gatting on target faster. For me, anyway, YMMV. Or maybe you like the aesthetics of the little loupe type configuration. I don't think the versions I saw of the low profile sight had all the features. this may or may not matter to you. I find a circle reticle is a little easier for me to get concentric on a target than a single dot, but both work and that's personal preference.

The neatest thing about these sights if you have not used one is that eye relief is practically unlimited and of course your eye focuses on the target AND the dot at the same time just like a scope, This was really an issue for me on the long sight radius of the MkIIII because with a good focus on the front sight, the rear notch was really indistinct and hard for me to "feel" properly. Now I have to blame my hands for the bad shooting, not my eyes!

I believe the technology of these sights is LED reflex, while the Eotechs are laser reflex. I know the latter has that weird laser "sparkle" if you look very closely, these do not. But these are the best thing going for the price IMO. They work amazingly well, and i still can't believe they don't cost $300-$400. Mine does tend to ghost a bit if you turn it up to full brightness, but then again it works ij full sun at only half brighness so who cares? If I have to shoot directly into a nuclear firaball, I'm sure a faint ghost image will be the least of my problems. I'm not sure what causes it I think it's a bounced reflection from the thickness of the lens.

Luckily .22 is a small casing, but you may have to watch ejection port clearance on the wider models. The MkIII comes with a rail shipped loose in the box and predrilled holes that are filled with stainless grub screws. I don't know what a MKII comes with, but drilling and tapping some holes is not too much drama, any competent smith should be able to do it inexpensively.
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Small and compact is what I'm looking for. And I will use the dot as opposed to rings more, as I'm shooting steel plates, bowling pins, and clay targets.
I use the burris fastfire II. unfortunately it's expensive ($200) and the adjustment is a PITA but it is slick and small and spot on once you've got it zeroed.
With a MKII you may need the dovetail adapter to replace your rear sight or install a rail. My MkIII came with the weaver rail.

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wI was think Burris Fastfire also. In my checking around it looks like it may be the lowest profile and lightest available.
I'm happy with it, adjusting it is a bit of a pain because it has locking screws that lock the windage and elevation adjustments. Also the adjustments do not have detents so there is no click.
But overall I am very pleased.
CharlieHotel said:
I'm happy with it, adjusting it is a bit of a pain because it has locking screws that lock the windage and elevation adjustments. Also the adjustments do not have detents so there is no click.
But overall I am very pleased.
how is the weight when you are one handed?
NorthForkSportsman said:
how is the weight when you are one handed?
Well, the markIII is a heavy chunk of metal. The fastfire is only 1.6 ounces so it is not even noticeable.
not sure what the difference is between reddots and holographics but I have a millet red dot on my ruger 22 and like it a lot...natchez has them on sale now for 80 bucks
I'm sure this is trivial for someone who has used one, but I'm confused by how these things work -- I'm sure I'm missing something..

Ok, in the pic he's aiming between the windows.... Now without moving the gun, if you move your head a couple inches to the left, doesn't the red dot appear to be on the right window? So you think you're gonna hit the window, and it lands between the windows.

Is the "screen" only viewable from directly behind at a 90 degree angle or something?
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If yo move your head to the left, the dot actually appears to move to the LEFT window. If you movew your head a foor to the left and then center the dot in the window without moving the gun you will be pointed to the right of the target.

To use the sight you simply point the gun in the direction where the dot apears on the target while it is centered in the window. This puts your popil, the lens, and the emitter in a straight line. After that it's just a matter of zeroing.

Gotta question the wisdom of the guy who took that pic though, pointing a gun at your neighbors' windows is not cool.
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