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High, nude and peeping? You win a K9 takedown

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Some of these just write themselves.

Rushing tells WWL First News that officers notice a riding lawn mower near the vehicle "that appeared to have been taken from a nearby structure as if someone may have been trying to steal it." The deputies also noticed that window screens had been removed from three homes on the dead-end street, and chairs and stools had been positioned below each of the windows.

That's when deputies reported seeing a nude man run from a nearby shed and "streak out across a field." Rushing says deputies dispatched a K-9 named "Gunner" to chase the fleeing, naked suspect after the man refused verbal commands to stop.

Rushing says Clayton was also arrested earlier this year for another home invasion that occurred south of Denham Springs.

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Yanno, I actually hope the court goes easy on him- I needed that laugh.

I'd love to see dash cam footage of that interveiw.
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