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Hi Everyone ...

This is a very; important message. The 12-year-old youth big game bowhunting bill (S177a) is on Governor Cuomo's desk. He is holding it until he sees what kind of response comes in from residents in support of this legislation. We have been fighting for this bill for several years and we have it this far.

Please read the attached missive to me from Senator Maziarz office and please send an e-mail in support of this important bill. Michael White, on the Senator's staff asks that you send him your e-mails ASAP (no later than Monday 5/16), for they are creating a package of responses and they will then hand deliver the package to the Governor's office.

This takes little effort, so please, do it now! This is most important for the future of our sport and especially for our youth!!! Tell your family and friends to do the same!!

Also, please help us get the word out ... we are so close ... let's go for it!!!

Mike's e-mail address is: [email protected]

Thanks for your help

Please send your letters of support and get the Governor to sign this very important piece of legislation.

Something like this will do:

Dear Mr. Governor;

I write to you to urge your support in signing S177a/ A2021a into law as soon as possible. Lowering the age for youth to hunt big game with a bow to age 12 will help bring more conservation stewards into the fold, while assuring more continuity with the hunting age (youths age 12 may already pursue small game and wild turkey under supervision with archery gear).

Please sign this important piece of legislation into law.


Remember to include your name and address

Lets get this one done!

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Gary_Hungerford said:
SASI sent a support letter, last week.
As did LISAPA ;)
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