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have a question about sending through an FFl

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I have a question about sending a pistol through an FFL to a gunsmith what is the procedure I have never done it before and what are the averagge charges? Do i bring it already packed and ready to go?

thank you
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Does your gunsmith require that it be through a FFL?

If the firearm is allready in your name and on your liscence, you can just mail it to the smith via ups or fed ex.

To my knowledge you dont need to go through an FFL if sending to manufacturer or a liscenced smith for work or repairs.
if your not sending to the manuf  in other words just another gunsmith it has to go through an ffl
if your not sending to the manuf in other words just another gunsmith it has to go through an ffl
I do not belive this statement is correct. Been there, done that. I just boxed it up and shipped via UPS with insurance. Once the custom work was completed, the gunsmith simply shipped it back to me via UPS. Did this 3 times I can recall.

Just make sure you do not use a PO Box address either direction, and pay the extra for tracking and signature required so you do not find your package sitting outside at your door if nobody is home for the return shipment.

If you are really concerned, you could ship it in two different pieces, such as frame in one and slide or cylinder in the other.
Directly to and from a gunsmith, for your legally owned gun, is legal. Gunsmiths are FFLs and among the few who will accept a gun from a non-FFL.
correct.  FFL/gunsmith can receive from anyone if FedEx or ups. however, it must go thru FFL if regular mail
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