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My Ruger SR1911 is a real tough CCW, lol … Only go for it, in winter, with a vertical shld, under a heavy coat.
I have a P938 9mm, ( even found a unicorn 22lr conv kit ) and that is a dream to CCW, however I am reluctant to take it out of its ready, hiding spot.
That left my .357 SP101 ( 4” bbl ) to fit the bill. Doable, but not always the most comfy.

Being I just got called to appear at SCPD PLB, next week, to get my brand new “carry” amendment, I might as well give’em something else, to add.

I treated myself to, what I am hoping will be, my new EDC.
Hello Mr. Frog….. meet Mr. Scorpion….
Air gun Trigger Machine gun Gun barrel Gun accessory

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Wood Gun accessory
401 - 407 of 407 Posts