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im sorry if this has been posted before, but i cuoldnt find it.

i was wondering if anybody knew of a gunsmithign school or program here on the island or maybe in the city? i did an afertoon long search for any on google, and found nothing. i have a serious interest in this, not only as a hobby, but also as a future career. ive talked to enuogh guys to know taht the bes schools are in colorado PA and arizona. i was just hoping maybe someone can point me in a direction?

thanks in advnace, and god bless

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I saw this and thought you may be interested.

Des Moines, Iowa - Brownells 4th Annual Gunsmith Career Fair will bring together leaders in the gunsmithing and business industry to share their knowledge and help gunsmiths grow their career and business.

The event takes place on April 23 and 24, 2010, at Des Moines Marriott Downtown in Des Moines, Iowa, and is free to gunsmiths and exhibitors.

Seminars range from advancing your career in the gunsmithing profession to starting or expanding a gunsmithing business.

Some topics include:

Time = Money, the Cold, Hard Facts
Financing your Business
Increasing your Revenue through Engraving
Gunsmithing for a Large Format Retailer
Strength Development for Gunsmiths
Tom Shay, from Profit Plus, will share three dozen tips of merchandising and the essential components of a business plan. Representatives of Firearms Technology Branch of the BATF will be presenting two different seminars and be on hand to answer questions. View the full seminar schedule at gunsmithcareerfair.com

Frank Brownell told us, "I'm delighted to see the seminars growing. Our goal is to make the Career Fair much more than just a place to find a job, we want to help all gunsmiths grow and improve their professionalism."

There's still time to register to attend or exhibit, just go to gunsmithcareerfair.com or call 641-623-5401 and ask for Stacy or Jill. Attendees and exhibitors are urged to book hotel rooms and flights early as other major events are scheduled in Des Moines that same weekend.

Visit: www.gunsmithcareerfair.com

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I think the problem you will have if you try to do it for anything more as a hobby on your OWN guns is that you will run afoul of the miles of beaurocratic red tape and legal hassles of becoming a gunsmith locally. There are 29 of them on the Island according to SCPD stats if I recall, you might want to see if one of them is looking for a trainee- although I don't even know if that's legal.

Suggest you do some research and seek competent legal advice in this arena- local law seems to stipulate that you have to be a gunsmith to even CLEAN someone else's gun, from what I gathered in the SCPD "Blue Book". I do not know if tis applies to pistols only or not.

It does sound rather discouraging, but apparently somehow nearly 30 people have managed to do it, so it must not be impossible.
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