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I've not been active in the last 25 years and have just recently jump back into the world of firearms. Reading through this forum and having visited just a couple of places I've made the following mental notes.

When I was a kid back in the '70s in Medford I could walk into the woods in my backyard and shoot. legal or not at the time nobody bothered you. I could walk through the neigborhood with my shotgun or .22 rifle in hand and it was not an issue. Shooting beer borttles was one of my favorite past times as these target were to be found all over. However, I did often visit TD Gun range on Horse Block Road. As a teenager with my Marlin 60 I was welcome there and accepted. It was a place to hang out and learn from the elders. I shot my first hand-gun there. I was talkin to one of the old dudes about the handguns he was shootin and after a few minutes I was shootin a .38. I still have the target.

I joined the Navy in '79 and was homeported in San Diego. The local gun shops there were also the local hang-outs much like the barbershops in the olden days I guess. You hung out and talked guns for as long as you liked.

Pretty much the same when I moved to Arkansas 'cept most of the local gunshops were also the local gunsmiths. Friday night poker nights at these shops were the norm.

There was no internet at the time so the bulk of the knowledge gained was through the local gun shops. While researching my pick for my HD shotgun the internet and forums such as this provided a great wealth of information it seems a shame that it sounds as if the local gunshops are no longer the place to hang out, talk,, and learn.

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