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Gun safe storage tip

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Most of us are faced with how to store handguns in a typical safe. I use (2) methods and they work good for me. You can find all this stuff in home depot for a few bucks.

Here's the material. There's some type of closet organizer, some clear tubing, and a 3/.6" zinc rod that I already bent into the "S" shape.

I took the closet organizer thing and cut it to fit on a shelf. I took some clear tubing and covered the prongs to protect the guns. Not really necessary since the rack is teflon coated. Working the plastic tubing over the rods require you to heat the tubing up, and using some type of lube. I used a clear oil.

Here you can see the closet organizer doing it's job. It holds 5 handguns.

Now, I made a few "S" hooks to hook on the shelf above, and to hold a pistol via the barrel. Again, the rod is covered in the clear tubing thus preventing damage to the barrel or crown in whatever gun it's holding up

The shelf is deep enough for me to use the "S" hooks to stand a few more guns up front.

So, I took a shelf that previously only held 5 handguns but can now hold up to 9.
Figured I'd share this with the hive.
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Another tip.

I got a few round magnets from Ace hardware that have a 3/16' hole in the center. I screwed a 3" x 3/16' screw the hole and locked it down with a nut and lock washer. Then I slid some tubing oner the exposed screw and topped it off with a cap nut. Stuck the magnets to the exposed metal on my door and hung a few handguns by their trigger guards right on the exposed steel of the door.
T. Webb, can you take a pic to show what you did ?
pretty cool!
I really like the S shaped rod setup. Great idea!
Nice guns!!!! I like that S idea!!!!!!
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