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gun left in stove equals a trip to the ER

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You couldn't make this stuff up with a team of writers.
People continue to amaze me

Antoine Boutte used to keep a loaded gun at the bottom of his gas stove.

That is, until he forgot it was there early Saturday and he and another man decided to cook some food, Fulton County police said

Boutte fired up the stove at his College Park home around 3:30 a.m. Saturday -- heating up the .40 caliber Smith & Wesson along with it, a police report said.

While the food was cooking, the weapon's magazine started to melt in the gun well, the police report said.

This caused the spring - and bullets - to come out of the magazine.

The bullets started going off like popcorn.

Boutte's friend, Christopher Henderson, opened the stove "to see what was happening," the police report said.

That's when part of a bullet casing flew out of the stove, hitting Henderson in the stomach, police said.

Boutte and another friend, Lisa Wells, took Henderson to Southern Regional Hospital. He was treated for his injuries, which police said were non life-threatening
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Note to self. Stove not a good place to store a pistol.
What a dumb place to keep a gun...
I always keep one in the wood stove and another in the fireplace... :-/

Don't worry. I really don't have a wood stove... or a fireplace. ;)
What an idiot. You want to keep it in the dish washer. That way if an intruder comes in, you can make a "clean kill" !! :) :)
I'm more for keeping it in a box of cereal, ala` the ridiculous "Kill Bill" Movie...
another entry into the  "What the Hell ever made you think that this was a good idea?" files...
NRATC53 said:
another entry into the "What the Hell ever made you think that this was a good idea?" files...
That would be a great reality series
NRATC53 said:
another entry into the "What the Hell ever made you think that this was a good idea?" files...
A phrase I have often used during the aftermath...
I never heard of this until a couple weeks ago I saw a Mythbusters rerun where they said it's fairly common for people to store ammo and firearms in their oven. Of course, they had to test the lethality of it. As you might expect, cartridges blowing up inside an oven, not so bad; loaded gun going off - bad.
I want you guys to know I was SOOOOOO tempted to take a picture of my 1911 and 9mm sticking out of the toaster just now and post it online....

When the toaster pops, you grab the warm guns while airborne, flip them sideways and kill all the zombies gangta style. Yeah, that's it. Keep an eye out for that in the next Jerry Bruckheimer or Robert Rodriguez movie.
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