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Gun Collection Stolen from Minnesota NG Armory

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I guess they will re-think the idea of displaying the collection in a glass building in plain sight from the outside. No alarms or surveillance cameras? :wtf :shrug :idunno


Historic Guns Stolen From Mankato Armory

Dozens of antique guns have been stolen from the Minnesota National Guard armory in Mankato, the second theft of historic weapons in just over a week.

Authorities say someone entered the building by breaking a hole in door with a window, then reaching in to open the door. The weapons were discovered missing when military personnel arrived at the armory Thursday morning.

Around 24 rifles were stolen, as were 70 pistols.

On Monday, 5 EYEWITNESS News reported the theft of a World War II gun collection from a Chisago man.
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That sucks!
No security, and a basic precaution is to NOT have a window within reach of door locks...

And it's the second theft of a collection in a week! I hope at least these were all well inventoried & logged.
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