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Great Aimpoint Deal

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Saw this on arfcom... http://swfa.com/Aimpoint-CompM2-30mm-Red-Dot-Sight-Kit-P44111.aspx This is a pretty killer deal.
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funny that you posted this...i actually JUSt got my aimpoint comp ml2 in the mail from GG&G...they have AWESOME combo deals going on...i got the aimpoint, the cantilever mount, a 120 lumen weapon light and light mount all for 550
if you check SWFA's other site samplelist.com you can find demo units for a great price too. they had the same kit you listed for about $419 with free shipping (had being the important word there).

it looks like they have some more

It is the AAFES kit, killflash, covers, mount included.
Just got mine about a week ago. Good deal.
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