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Good news from New Hampshire

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A friend of mine just emailed me. He lives about 5 houses away from where that homeowner held the burglar after firing a shot into the ground and he knows the guy.

The good news is they dismissed all charges against the homeowner but according to my friend they are still a little miffed he didn;t call the police when he first saw the guy.
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Good to hear.
Great news!
Yes, good news!
Does he still have a pistol permit and the gun?
It would have been too much trouble to change all those licence plates!

Still "Live free or Die"!
Trailblazer said:
Does he still have a pistol permit and the gun?
No permit needed in NH for premise, they just NICS for a handgun purchase.
Excellent outcome!  i was scared the "Live Free or Die" state was going to let freedom fall.
Good news for certain ........... but I can't forget that this man was charged, arrested, and had his guns confiscated in the first place....... and I'm sure he won't either.
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