Well, the time has come. Don’t think I’ll be shooting matches anytime soon. Kids are at the age where the weekends are nothing but soccer, basketball, dance etc…

haven’t shot this pistol since I replaced my uspsa set up to a shadow 2. No point in keeping it in the safe.

The run down.

Zaffiri slide cerakoted multicam black - BRAND NEW
Zaffiri ported Barrel IN TIN- BRAND NEW

comes with extra non ported barrel from s3f solutions with about 400-500 rounds through it.

Glock Frame is a Gen 4, with boo daddy rubber grip tape, extended slide release and Fowler Industries Flat faced trigger. Same round count as the s3f barrel (400-500)

whole pistol has the Taran Tactical Grand Master connector kit.

Taran Tactical Fiber optic front site. Does not have a rear site installed but it is included. (Did not fit with holosun)

6 10 rd Magazines with 3 grey and 3 red +0 Taran Tactical Baseplates.

Slide optic cover is included if you don’t want the holosun on.

also have an extra set of OEM slide parts kit and recoil spring.

pistol shot really really good. Just not as good as a Shadow 2 with the CGW kit, lol.

Trades welcome (Walther pdp, sig 365 and czp01)

950 with holosun- 800 with out holosun. Xfer on buyer. Prefer Nassau .

For some reason I can’t post pictures. Dm me and I’ll send you some.