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Tactical Shrubbery!!
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This afternoon I went over to South Shore Sportsman and there's no need to say what everyone already knows but, they make spending my money EASY. If you ask my wife she would tell you that me spending my $ and easy don't go in the same sentence. (By the way the wife only knows about 2 of my pistols, the other 3 are phantom guns). Mike & Dave had a few other customers and 3 NCPD there when I was but, as always he split his time without anyone noticing that he was helping all 3 of us. By the way I was there last week to purchase it and Bill (former nypd) gave me some great tips on the glock trigger manipulation and made a world of difference in my shooting.

When I walk in there I don't feel like a customer or a friend, I feel like family, thats the truth. South Shore is and deserves to be the standard on this island.

Well I went to the range afterwards and put 300 rounds through my new baby G27 and loved the way it went. It performed flawlessly and I had several NC Sheriff's Deputy trainees watching through the window while at 10 yrds I placed rounds where I wanted to. It felt good and I love the the subcompact Glocks. They fit my hand great and I feel serve every role that a CCW gun should be able to serve.
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