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General Beach Driving Tips:

AIR DOWN : The normal rule here is to lower your tire pressure to about 18 to 20 lbs. (about half the pressure that your tires are rated by the manufacturer) This will make your trip down the beach a lot nicer and help the environment around you. The lower the tire pressure the less strain there is on your motor and transmission.

RESTRICTED AREAS : Restricted areas are normally posted. Most of these areas are for bird nesting, bathing areas, or fragile dune areas.

SPEED LIMIT : The speed limit on any beach is no more than 10 MPH. During the summer months when there are a lot of people on the beach driving any faster can be dangerous. Most people have a habit of just walking or running around without looking.

HIGH WATER MARK : Do not drive below the high water mark, the sand can become very soft and very easy to get stuck in. Over the years many people have lost their trucks to the ocean from driving to low.

CLEAN UP : Before you leave clean up the area around you. If everyone cleaned up when they went home it would make your next trip to the beach much nicer.

COURTESY : Be courteous of others around you. We all have the right to enjoy a day on the beach. If you come upon someone that is stuck or needs a hand, stop and help. Next time it may be you !!

Thanks LIBBA for these tips!

-LIBBA 736
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