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First & Only Black Tactical Light

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Direct Components Announces the First & Only Black Tactical Light

The highly anticipated UVGS7 has made its launch September 7th. UVGS7 is the first and only Black Tactical Light on the market.

Released earlier this month by Direct Components, the UVGS7 is the latest in a new concept of aiming light technology which provides maximum safety and flexibility in critical situations, rapid target acquisition and all the benefits of IR lasers without the use of optics.

"Based on our proprietary laser design technology, this new ultraviolet diode laser operates with low amplitude noise, higher target fluorescence, tight focal length, shorter Rayleigh length and extremely low power consumption in a compact laser housing" says Steve Mencanin Direct Components President and CEO.

The laser is nearly invisible to the naked eye until the beam hits the target; due to higher energetic frequency target materials fluoresce to user, and not the target. Designed to improve range and visibility in day and night conditions, UVGS7 offers faster target acquisition, zero beam track back, no effect on night vision and is fifty times more visible than any green laser aiming light on the market.

Due the unique properties of the UVGS7 UV spectrum laser, users will be able to recognize the beam faster, in day or night settings, than a red or green laser, never lose track of the beam in a heavy action situation and the target will not be able to track the beam back to the user.

Mencanin says" These unique UV properties make the UVGS7 the safest and most effective aiming light in the world."

Mencanin also boasts, "That in conjunctions with all of the safety and accuracy features the rugged devices remains light-weight and meets the MIL-STD-810G requirements for reliability under harsh conditions."

Available for handguns, M-4, M-16, AR-15 and other weapon confirming to the MIL- SPEC 1913 rail. UVGS7 comes in four versions the 5mW, 50mW, 100mW and 150mW.

Features include: rugged aerospace aluminum housing (MIL-SPEC Type III hard coat anodized), power warning indicator, multiple user modes, light weight, no rail equipped fore grip required, "Bread Crumb" capability, and ultralow parallax. Manufactured in the U.S.A. this patent pending device comes with mounting hardware, battery & 7 inches remote cable switch.

About Direct Components:
Focused on accuracy, efficiency and safety; Direct Components is the aiming laser and target acquisition source. To learn more log on to www.directcomponents.com
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for something that sounds so cool, you think they would take a pic of the beam on target. noo im looking at some photoshopped on beam  :-/
$375 for the 5mw version is somewhat steep. No mention as to whether the beam is adjustable though.
Very cool to be able to light up your target w/o having the beam tracked.

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