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finally mounted my vortec optics (pics)

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mounted my 2 new vortex optics on my guns today. mounted the strikefire on my saiga and the SPARC on my AR. they both seem very well built and come with alot of stuff for the money. they got some really good reviews.
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I was thinking of getting the strikefire. Do you like it, and does it hold zero pretty good. Can you see the dot during the day?
I really like both of them. The StrikeFire has no issues holding zero and it gets banged around up there on the saiga. Alot more movement than on the AR. I bought the 2nd generation strikefire which has the brighter red dot. I have no problems seeing the dot when I turn the brightness up. I would recommend both of them
Man, sorry, but have to tell you the truth. That Saiga looks ugly hell. Not converted with Drago stock and tactical grip...
You know, what has been seen cant be unseen. ;D

PS: Please dont take me seriously, but it due for conversion
I like it  :p and ive since moved the grip/bipod forward more. It looks better and shoots nice w the bipod
Thanks for the info. Didn't realize that there was a second generarion strikefire. One of the complaints was the dot was hard to see, so I'm glad they corrected it. Where did you purchase yours from?
bought mine from primaryarms.com They shipped it within 45 minutes and free shipping too. I have the promo for the free shipping if u want it. just PM me
That Strikefire looks nice.  I was thinking of picking one up for my 522.  You think I should go for the standard mount or high one?
Being that we both have saiga's, did you go with the high mount, and the second generation is just the red dot, and not green, right.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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