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Felon caught in a trap

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I found this on another site and thought it was worth putting in here

So I was driving down this gravel road going to this secluded spot I have been having pretty good luck at and a cop passses me with his lights a flashing. Uhmmm. I think to myself thats strange way out here. As I turn the corner to pull into this feild I see a fire truck and several sherrif cars parked there. This is my normal parking spot so I am think something bad was going on. I park and get out and then the questions start......
I have been having this one coyote set tripped every day, there have been alot of tracks all-round and digging, so I am thinking they must be digging it up or something. So I set a blind set about two feet away and comoflaged it really well.
Well this guy, who claims he seen me carrying out a couple of coyotes and watched from a hill with binoculars, decided that it was inhumane to trap so he has been going in and since he didn't know how to trip the trap do he would get on his knees pick pull the chain up and then drop it up side down till it tripped. (I guess the coyote tracks came later after he left) Well yesterday he didn't know about the special surprise I have set for the cagy coyote. and put his hand down smack dab in the middle of a bridger 4-coiled #3. Not being able to get the springs to release with one hand he chose to call the police for help.
So the cops get him out and now I explain the who what when and wheres of my activities there. Then the land owner shows up, and explains I am supposed to be there, then it turns out this fruit loop, has felonie warrents out for him, so they arrest him for that, the land owner also pressed charges for tresspassing, and the worst part part of the entire deal is the cops had to keep the trap for evidence since techniclly it caught the guy. They did tell me that I will get it back though. I did pull the rest of my traps from the area to let it cool off for a while, but the land owner told me I better be coming back.
Our local CO came by last night after the incident and congradulated me on a nice catch. Said he has been doing this for 20 years and that he couldn't stop laughing when he heard it, he said this will be the joke around the station for a long time to come.
Please note he did not have any broken bones, but his hand was very red. And make a note them pogos will hold up to anything.
Sorry this is so long but I just had to tell you all.
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Did this individual have an FMP (Felon Management Permit)? If not, the DEC may have a crackdown.
Ha! Made my day. Thanks for sharing...

Great detective work lol
I think the DEC issues Nuisance Tree Hugger PETA no bag limit permits. I'm hoping to catch Susan Sarandon.
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